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We are a couple in our sixties from Boston, MA. We’re in fairly good shape but we wake up every morning feeling a bit creaky. Over the years we’ve done a fair amount of yoga and had many teachers, including some we continue to like. Dena, however, is in a class by herself. Her practice has been terrific for us. Since working with her, our flexibility, strength and posture have noticeably improved.

Dena is methodical and responsive and her classes are fun. We always feel like we’ve had a good workout but refreshed and relaxed when we’ve completed a session. She works extremely well with the Zoom format and her explanations and demonstrations are amazingly clear.

Charles S and Amy P

I have casually practiced yoga for many years, but ten years ago I seriously injured my back, so much so that I could not walk a block for several years. Very gentle yoga at a senior center helped me walk well, but it was Dena who taught me how to use my body again.

Her knowledge, enthusiasm, and real desire to help her students deal with their limitations has actually practically removed those limits for me. Six months of classes has me stronger than I have been in twenty years. And I am just starting her Bowspring classes, which add another dimension.  But most of all, Dena’s kindness and beautiful soul make her an inspiring teacher.  

Cheryl D

Dena is a natural teacher because she is able to guide a student down numerous paths to the same destination but also teaches that there is an allowance to modify that destination for what is best for the individual.

Dena exudes warmth and serenity, and although I really miss her in-person classes, another great thing about her is that she can teach with her voice. My eyesight is terrible without my glasses, and she can't touch me to guide me over Zoom, but she is such a gifted speaker and teacher that she can just watch what I'm doing and verbally teach me.

I can honestly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn or deepen their yoga practice or anyone who has struggled with traditional yoga and wants to learn alternative methods. 

Linda S

My posture and balance had been getting worse, and my slouching was causing me to have bad lower back pain. Through Dena’s private yoga lessons I have been able to improve my posture and core strength.

She gently guided me through several flows and explained how certain poses would help strengthen and elongate my back and core muscles. She even recorded our Zoom lessons so I could watch them and practice on my own!

My back pain has gone away! Many of my friends have pointed out how much better my posture is. Thanks Dena!

Catherine B

Dena Borman is one of those yoga teachers that after one class, you'll be hooked. Her classes are a combination of everything I like about yoga: a full body stretch, just the right amount of sweat, and peppered with positive affirmations. She is genuine, thoughtful, and never comes off as preachy. I'm incredibly grateful to have the privilege of learning from her and I recommend her classes for everyone.

Anna B

I've hopped around all the yoga studios in New Orleans and Dena is one of the best! Both in-person and on Zoom, Dena's classes are refreshingly unpretentious and easy to follow.

Wayne X

I reconnected to yoga practice after many years, and I thank Dena for her expertise, patient guidance, and kindness in stepping me through various stretches and moves, as well as giving me strategies to assist in my having better awareness of my body and mind.

She has presented many adaptations of poses for me, so that I can comfortably and successfully settle into a practice that is becoming my own. I am grateful for her ongoing instruction!

Philis M

I've been practicing yoga with Dena for over two years, in both studio classes and private sessions. Dena's guidance allows me to mindfully move while feeling comfortable, curious, and strong. She creates fun sequences and awesome playlists every time we meet!

Grace C

Dena's classes have been a blessing during the heaviness of the pandemic. Not only is she there to remind you how to adjust a position (just like an in-person class, remember those?) but she also provides a playlist, which really helps me sink into a healthy mindset for yoga practice. The ease and accessibility of the weekly classes have finally helped me to maintain a regular yoga routine.

Kim V

Seeing Dena every week for a private Bowspring class keeps me feeling good physically and mentally. She is so talented at describing movement and sensations in the body.

The practice has been a new view of how I think about the positions I would like to be in while working, driving, etc and how that effects how my body feels day to day. “

Remy D

Dena's yoga classes are creative, engaging, and really geared towards the students in the room, whether it's a physical or virtual space.

She makes class work for any level of practice in a way that feels natural and seamless - you will never feel like you're not doing enough or doing too much in her classes.

She also makes really great playlists that match the theme of the practice perfectly, and gives incredibly detailed feedback in person or on Zoom. If you want a yoga teacher who cares about you & developing your practice, Dena is a wonderful choice!

Danielle R

Learning with Dena has been transformational. Deepening my Yoga practice with Bowspring has encouraged my body to stand taller and stronger! I feel the positive effects of Bowspring in my body as I get stronger each week, and I also feel the impact on my professional life as I learn to take up more space!

Dena's detailed in-class instructions encourage you to work hard and try new things no matter the shape or size of your body. Unlike other instructors I've encountered in the past, Dena encourages me to move my body however feels good. This permission for variability in each position is liberating. 

Leslie G

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